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Collaboration offer

We offer you to consider the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation
between your organization and NPK “Calibre”.

The primary activity of NPK “Caliber” is the production of parts and assembly units for appliances and devices used for different purposes, obtained by high-precision processing of metal materials, non-metallic materials and optical components according to the drawings and specifications of the customer.

Our company owns modern high-precision equipment from leading European manufacturers for performing main processing tasks in the serial or single-item production of the following segments:


  • Equipment: DMG (CNC lathe CTX alpha 500 – precision machining 0,002mm, Chuck – 165 / 210mm, move the cutting tool to the coordinates X / Y / Z – 190/80 / 525mm);
  • VDF (universal lathe – 0,005mm precision machining, machining diameter – 280mm, turning length – 2200mm);
  • Schaublin 125 (Universal Lathe – 0,005mm precision machining, turning diameter – 125mm, turning length – 500mm);
  • Micromat (universal lathe – accuracy of 0.01 mm, turning diameter – 160 mm, turning length – 500mm);

Milling, Jig – boring

  • Equipment: DMG (universal milling CNC DMU50 – precision machining 0,002mm, table size – 700 × 500 mm, move the cutting tool to the coordinates X / Y / Z – 500/450 / 400mm);
  • MAHO (milling machine with DRO MAHO1000 – 0.01 mm, table size – 1000 × 750 mm, move the cutting tool to the coordinates X / Y / Z – 900/600 / 400mm);
  • Mikron (milling machine with DRO MikronWF2SA – table size 400 × 800mm, move the cutting tool to the coordinates X / Y / Z – 420/250 / 345mm);
  • Hauzer (coordinate boring Hauzer-B3 – table size 600 × 380mm, move the cutting tool to the coordinates X / Y / Z – 500/250 / 300mm);

Round grinding (external and internal), flat grinding

  • Equipment: Studer (cylindrical grinding Studer RHU-450 – turning diameter up to 200mm, turning length – 450mm);
    ELB (Surface ELB SW – table size 250 × 200mm);

Injection of any of aluminum cast alloys in accordance with GOST 1583-93

  • Chill casting.
    Equipment: Machines one-chill, hydraulic, vertical plane of the connector plate size 650h400 mm., Lateral, and lower cylinder.
    Oven SAT 0.16, melting in graphite crucibles, refining, alloy modification.
    The production capacity of up to 5 m. Per month. Weight 20 kg casting.
  • Sand Casting for the RESOL-CO2 process.
    The production capacity of up to 1 m. Per month. The weight of castings and 25 kg.
    There is the ability to quickly increase capacity by an extra oven SAT 0.16.

In addition, the company implemented a number of specialized assistive technologies: the production of flat, spherical and prism optics, processing and production of spherical parts from leucosapphire material, high-precision flat and round finishing of parts (including plunger and sliding bearings made of siliconized graphite), heat treatment, welding in the CO2 and Ar environment et al.

To better understand and ensure the needs of our customers in the manufacturing of finished products we have established long-term relationships with our partners within the industry.

Due to the certified quality and developed technological culture of production our customers can use our products for the following purposes:

  • High-precision measurement and control tools;
  • Robotic systems operating in extreme conditions;
  • A complex of hydraulic equipment and special hydro tools;
  • Optomechanical devices biometric identification;
  • Means of automation of production processes, and other high technological products.

Part of our products is being manufactured according to the government contracts.

Quality management system certified GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008)
Licenses for the design and manufacture of equipment for the facilities with the use of nuclear energy.

If you are interested in collaboration or require additional information, please contact us.

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