Gala Dinner “The world in 2017”

Jan 25, 2017 - 05:01:00 News

On 20th January 2017 the office of Malta’s Honorary representative for the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Anastasia Budykho has attended the award-winning Gala Dinner “The world in 2017”.

This event is included in the annual “The World in…” series, where The Economist and invited luminaries share their bold, candid, sometimes shocking-and always entertaining-predictions for the year ahead. This event brings together executives and business leaders, senior representatives from government, leading academics and thinkers to share their opinion and broaden the business networking connections.

Some of the key speakers for the evening were: Joseph Muscat, Prime minister of Malta; Daniel Franklin, an executive editor of The Economist; Andrew Beane, Chief executive officer at HSBC Bank Malta and Dan Mobley, Corporate relations director at Diageo, Europe. The topics varied from the financial predictions for 2017 to the priorities of EU Presidency in the nearest future.

The event was wonderfully organized and answered the high-class standards of the invited guests.

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