Our Mission

Our primary objectives are to assist and stimulate individuality and entrepreneurialism. We believe in encouraging and strengthening existing business activities in the Maltese and Russian markets, not by simply providing a service, but by interacting and engaging with potential business ventures between the two countries.

Ultimately whether your commercial project is based in Malta or Russia, we are here to provide tailor-made solutions and proposals. Our role is determined by the requirements of each individual project.

Your requirements may and will vary from import/export procedures, to the needs of specific markets, innovative business ventures between Malta and Russia, and other business related projects. Our Honorary Representative in Malta: Anastasia Budykho will be able to assist you to discuss how the CCI Malta could be beneficial to your projects.


Working together


    Malta is very strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean with very close ties to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. {...}

  • Nimble Economy

    Progress and flexibility are key factors in the success of Malta’s ability to react quickly to international trends and the global market place. {...}


    Malta has undergone an incredible transformation in the few decades since independence was gained in 1964. {...}

Malta Russia Flag
  • Advantages for Investors

    Comfortable Administrative Regime
    Tax Incentives
    Ready Infrastructures
    Free Custom Zone

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  • Comfortable Administrative Regime

    A special legal framework and management system
    Minimal administrative barriers
    Professional management company

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  • Tax Incentives

    In the last couple of years, the Russian legislature has been prolific in developing changes to tax legislation.
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