Port zones are located in the vicinity of the major transit corridors and gateways. Such location allows to get access to the fast-growing market of valuable logistic port services in both far east and central regions of Russian Federation. The zone is being created for the period of 49 years.

Special port economic zone “Murmansk” has been created in 2010 on the territory of Murmansk region.

Murmansk region is located in the northern Europe. On the west, its borders with Norway and Finland washed by White and Barents seas. The total area of the SEZ is 3050 Ha.

On the territory of “Murmansk” SEZ, it is possible to construct the container terminal and upgrade the existing operational facilities for receiving, handling and loading of dry and liquid bulk. Apart from transportation and bulk handling, SEZ offers the opportunity of oil rigs assembling, which has an enormous impact on the successful developing of the offshore oil and gas fields.

Primary activities of “Murmansk” SEZ:

  • Port-related activities
  • Logistics
  • Bulk handling
  • Oil handling process
  • Vessel technical service
  • Vessel repair and equipment upgrade
  • Extraction and recycling of bioresources

The prospective investors of SEZ “Murmansk” will receive the tax benefits and customs privileges including the access to the infrastructural projects.

The investors of SEZ “Murmansk” receive the following tax benefits:

  • Property tax – 0%
  • Land tax – 0%
  • Motor vehicle tax – 0%
  • Foreign goods (equipment, raw materials, components, construction materials) are placed and used without payment of customs duties and VAT.

Investors are guaranteed immutability of tax benefits for the duration of a special economic zone, i.e., 49 years. The minimum investment threshold for obtaining the status of SEZ resident is 10 million Euro.

Investment Attractiveness

Labor Force

Availability of highly skilled labor force.

Supporting Legislation

Legislation supporting investment activities (organizational and financial support for investment projects, the guarantee of business security on the part of the executive branch).


Developed transport infrastructure (large ice-free seaport, the presence of a powerful icebreaker fleet)


Advantageous geographical location ( a region located at the crossroads of important sea trade routes and has a sea border with the European countries )

Abundant Natural Resources

The Murmansk Oblast is very rich in natural resources and has deposits of over 700 minerals.


One of the most developed and attractive regions of Russia


The largest enterprises of the region:
  • "Apatite" (Kirovsk) – production of apatite concentrate
  • "Kandalaksha aluminum plant” (Kandalaksha) – production of primary aluminum
  • "Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company” (Monchegorsk, Polar, Nickel) – production of nickel, refined copper, sulfuric acid
  • Olenegorsky mine – production of iron ore
  • Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant – production of apatite, baddeleyite, and iron ore concentrates
  • "Murmansk Trawl Fleet” (Murmansk) – fishing

SEZ Projects

Construction of the terminal for transshipment of coal on the western shore of the Kola Bay

Project capacity: 20 million. Tons a year. Construction period: 3 years Cost of construction ( in future prices) : 17.6 bln. Rubles

Construction of the terminal for transshipment of oil and oil products on the western shore of the Kola Bay

Project Capacity: 35 mln. Tons a year. Construction period: 11 years (at full output) Cost of construction ( in future prices) : 84.8 bln. rubles

Reconstruction of coal terminal on the eastern shore of the Kola Bay

Project capacity: 10 million. Tons a year Construction period: 2 years The cost of construction ( in future prices): 2.3 bln. Rubles

Construction of a container terminal on the eastern shore of the Kola Bay

Project capacity: 1 TEU per year Construction period: 4 years Construction cost ( in future prices): 28.5 billion. Rubles


  • The largest ice-free port in Russia.
  • “October” Railway.
  • Road infrastructure
  • Federal highway “Kola” (M18, St. Petersburg – Norway)
  • Murmansk is the starting point of the road A138 and P12, to Norway and Finland.
  • International Airport “Murmansk” is located 24 km from the city.

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