Special Economic Zones of the Russian Federation


Six Industrial and Production Zones


Five Technology and Innovation Zones


Fourteen Tourist and Recreational Zones


Three Port Zones

The term Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is commonly used as a generic term to refer to any modern economic zone. In these zones business and trades laws differ from the rest of the country.



Port zones are located in the vicinity of the major transit corridors and gateways. Such location allows to get access to the fast-growing market of valuable logistic port services in both far east and central regions of Russian Federation. The zone is being created for the period of 49 years.

Special port economic zone “Murmansk” has been created in 2010 on the territory of Murmansk region.

Murmansk region is located in the northern Europe. On the west, its borders with Norway and Finland washed by White and Barents seas. The total area of the SEZ is 3050 Ha.

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Krasnodar Region

Population: 5.5 million people

Area: 76 thsdsq.m.

Climate: temperate continental, subtropical, 280 sunny days per year

Natural resources:oil, gas, natural materials, iron and apatite ores, rock salt, fine wood, freshwater supplies, 3.9 million ha of fertile black soil

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